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   XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro Pen Tablet Display Review : A top choice for graphic designer and illustrator [22/06/18 07:28AM]   
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Visual drawing pads like the Artist 22E Pro creative pen display have, with various levels of success, done away with many downsides of traditional drawing pads.

Itís a relief to skip the process of retraining your hand-eye coordination...

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   Best Drawing Monitor Tablet XP-Pen Artist 22E for artists [25/04/18 12:43PM]   
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The Artist 22E is an update of the XP-Pen Artist 22. The main obvious change is the addition of the Express Keys. The 22 had no Express Keys. (Those are buttons on the outside of the monitor, or sometimes on-screen keys, that can be programmed with software commands). The Artist 22E also uses A+ LED, which has...

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